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One of the most overlooked elements in our search for accuracy is our barrel and the fouling that occurs. Barrels take a tremendous amount of punishment. In magnum rifles, three quick shots can take a barrel from cold to almost too hot to touch. Not counting the friction of a bullet passing through it , then layers of carbon and copper – this can all add up to a significant loss of accuracy if neglected.

I have been asked a number of times by customers, “How do you clean your rifle?”

#1 : A properly fit bore guide is extremely important. I have seen considerable damage to barrels by an inadequate bore guide.

#2 : Use a high quality cleaning rod, such as Dewey, ProShot or Bore Tech. I use 2 rods: one has a brush, the other has a jag. This way I don’t have to switch out jag to brush and it saves valuable time. (Use stainless steel jags to keep from having the copper solvent eat the jag.)

#3 : Cleaning solvents. There are a lot of good choices out there, but the two I have settled on are Hoppes #9 mixed with kroil oil in a 20-1 ratio, and BoreTech copper remover.

#4 : A secure guncradle to hold your rifle at a slight angle – muzzle downward.

#5 : Cleaning patches. I use ProShot cotton patches. Use the proper size to fit your jag and bore. Loose fitting to apply solvent and tighter fitting to push soiled solvent out of bore.

Ok, let’s get started!

1) Insert Bore guide in the rifle. Make sure the O-ring is clean so that it doesn’t leave any marks in the chamber.

2) Wet 2-3 cleaning patches with Hoppes and run individually through the bore 2-3 times or until patches are just slightly discolored.

3) Wet a proper sized phosphor bronze brush with Hoppes and make 10-12 passes through the bore.

4) Pass two loose fitted patches wetted with Hoppes through the bore individually.

5) Let stand for about 15 minutes.

6) Push a patch through and look for copper (a greenish or blue color on patch). If present, push another couple of wet patches through – let solvent soak again for 15 minutes. If you still get a significant amount of blueish-green color on patch, go to Number 7. If not, move to Number 8.

7) Push a couple of patches through bore with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. (This neutralizes solvents – I don’t like to mix different brands of solvents.) Then push 2-3 loose fitting patches with BoreTech eliminator and let soak for 15 minutes. Repeat this process until patches come out clean. This should get all copper out of bore. Push a couple of patches through bore with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol.

8) Wet a patch with Hoppes and push it through bore – then wet a proper size phosphor brush and make 6-10 passes again through the bore. Pass 2 dry patches individually through.

9) Put two to three very small drops of Hoppes on the center of a patch and pass it through the bore to lubricate it prior to shooting. This lubes the bore and minimizes erosion and fire cracking in the barrel as well as improving the ability to remove fouling later. Do not overwet the bore as hydraulic damage could occur.

10) Dry the chamber with a chamber swab and patch. Do not use aerosols to dry the bore.

11) You are ready to shoot again!

Bore Guid We make custom Bore Guides for any caliber.
Cleaning Rod Preferably a brass or carbon fiber rod.
Patches Should be white.
Alcohol Any denatured alcohol will do.
Bore Solvant Many Products work. CLP, Hops, to name a few.

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