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Tactical Hunting Rifles

Starting at $2900.00

This 6mm PPC hunter is a single shot rifle. Has a heavy barrel and produces super small groups. It is great for hunting deer and varmints. The tuner is another Specialty that the customer requested. The rifle has been sold.

300 WM

Starting at $2900.00

The 300 WM has been around for a very long time. Time has tested it and not only is it solid it’s staying. Bill has built many long action rifles for this venerable cartridge. Big game hunters will love the accuracy Bill is able to achieve with them to.

The stock is painted in his proprietary green. Bill’s specialty paints are superbly durable and have the lowest sheen possible for zero reflectivity. You do not want to scare off that trophy of a life time with a glossy stock.

6.5 Creedmoor

Starting at $2900.00

The 6.5 Creedmoor or 6.5 Creed, as some like to call it, has been gaining a great deal of popularity in recent years. This is for a good reason too. It falls into the category of being one of those cartridges that can really take advantage of those great new high BC bullets that will not fit in those older cartridges.

Bill has been chambering up many great shooting rifles for hunters and PRS shooters alike. We believe this is one of those cartridges that are here to stay. Call Bill today to get a build like this into progress.


6mm PPC

Starting at $2900.00

The 6PPC just rocks when it comes to pure accuracy. Competition shooters know that to be competitive at 100 and 200 yards you must run this cartridge or sit back in the rankings. Bill has a great deal of experience with the 6PPC and can get your rifle shooting like nothing else. Bill is well versed in IBS Bench Rest and will make sure that you can perform better then you ever thought you could.


Muzzle Brakes

Starting at $80.00

Getting rid of that flinch. That is why you should use a muzzle brake. As we get older it gets harder to deal with that butt stock that beats your shoulder every time you pull the trigger. Hesitation and flinching before the shot as we brace for that swift blow can ruin groups and be disastrous on that hunt of a life time. For this reason Bill recommends a good muzzle brake to cure the flinch. Setting one up right takes time and experience. Bill of course has plenty and he will build you one that will be perfect for you needs. Bill’s seamless muzzle brakes will blend in so well you will never even know that it’s detachable and they will not hurt the potential of the rifles either.

Custom Bolt Handles

Starting at $90.00

Bill will guarantee that your custom bolt handle will never fail or come off.


Bore Guids

Starting at $65

Bill’s bore guid will be just the ticket. It fits snugly and does not move once installed. Even in long actions it is long enough to keep solvent from dripping into the tang. The tips are interchangeable too, permitting multiple calibers. Each has a life time warranty and custom sizes are available for special order. If your have a vintage rifle that you want to shoot and preserve, good cleaning technique is a must and Bill’s bore guid will do the trick.


Compeditive Shooting Classes

Starting at $80.00hr

Bill has won more trophies then he knows what to do with. He has classes that will help you get started in the fine and exacting world of competitive shooting.

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